Why Dental Checkups are as Important As Physicals
By North Park Family Dentistry
March 30, 2015
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People in the Old West once checked a horse's mouth because they thought the condition of the animal's teeth said a lot about the overall condition of the animal. While we may laugh at that today, the practice was very wise, and frankly, the idea applies to humanDental Checkup beings, too.

Dental check-ups are just as important as a yearly physical examination with your primary physician. When your Columbus dentist Dr. Tyler Myers, DMD examines the oral cavity, he looks at the condition of the teeth and gums, checking them for proper alignment, decay or periodontal disease. He also screens for oral cancers, soft tissue
ulcers and other telltale signs that your oral and overall health might not be all they could be.

What Starts in the Mouth Can End Up in Other Parts of the Body

Inflammation in the mouth can affect other parts of the body. Specifically, reddened or bleeding gums are often an indicator of inflammation in the heart valves and endocardium, or lining of the heart. Bacteria which feed on the tartar and plaque accumulated at the gum line can travel through the bloodstream to the heart.

Physicians at the Mayo Clinic state that there is a definite synergy between mouth and body - in other words, what affects one affects the other. In fact, according to the American Academy of General Dentistry, 90 percent of the body's disease processes have noticeable clues in the mouth.

Poor dental health contributes to serious conditions such as:

  • hypertension
  • cardiovascular disease
  • diabetes
  • arthritis
  • osteoporosis
  • stroke
  • respiratory disease
  • autoimmune diseases such as arthritis
  • a weakened immune system
  • Alzheimer's Disease in people who have lost teeth before the age of 35

Routine Dental Check-ups Are as Important as Physicals

Dentals recommend their patients have dental cleanings and check-ups twice a year. The exams include x-rays to detect problems below the gum line and between the back teeth. To assess the health of gums, the hygienist performs a gentle periodontal probing, checking how deep the pockets are between teeth and gums. Also, the dentist checks the alignment of the teeth, or how well they bite together, looks for signs of decay, and addresses with the patient any concerns he or she may have
about the health or appearance of that all-important smile.

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