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By North Park Family Dentistry
April 04, 2016
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Running a family, especially a busy one, is no easy task. From the kids’ sports practices and ballet recitals to your work meetings and daily schedule, it can be hard to keep track of who needs to go where and when. However, your family Columbus, GA dentist at North Park Family Dentistry can help you tame at least one area of your life with family dentistry.Family Dentist

What makes family dentistry special? 
Dentists tend to specialize in one age group. Some focus only children and some only see adults. Family dentists specialize in all age groups, from your teething toddler to your denture-wearing grandmother and everyone in between.

The Benefits of Family Dentistry
Family dentistry allows you ease of scheduling so that your entire family can see the dentist in one trip. The lack of scheduling conflicts allows you to save yourself the time and confusion of running from dentist to dentist. Since the kids’ appointments can be scheduled at once, it saves you a trip and perhaps even taking a day off work. With all of your information in one place, the need to call around to transfer records is eliminated. Additionally, your Columbus dentist can get to know your whole family, forging bonds that are priceless.

How can my family avoid cavities between visits? 
A strong at-home oral routine is crucial to keeping the teeth of people of all ages healthy and decay-free. With their love for candies and sugary snacks, children are especially notorious for getting cavities. Be sure that everyone in your family brushes their teeth at least twice a day and flosses once to reach the plaque and buildup which toothbrush bristles cannot. Finally, the strongest weapon in your oral health arsenal is your dentist. Everyone in your family should see your dentist at least twice a year for regular examinations and cleanings.

For more information on family dentistry, please contact Dr. Tyler Myers, DMD at North Park Family Dentistry in Columbus, GA. Call (706) 507-0606 to speak with an associate about scheduling your family’s regular examinations today!