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By North Park Family Dentistry
February 10, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

How Are Dental Implants Made? What you need to know about the parts of a dental implant.

Thanks to dental implants, you now have a modern, more permanent way to replace one or more missing teeth. Don’t settle for dental implant partsremovable appliances that are inconvenient and can be uncomfortable. You need to find out what dental implants can do for you by calling Dr. Tyler Myers at North Park Family Dentistry in Columbus, GA. He is your neighborhood expert on dental implants.

Dental implants are made of titanium, a very strong metal which is also gentle on your soft tissue and bone. In fact, titanium has a unique ability that allows your bone to fuse to the implant, so the implant becomes a permanent part of your mouth. Dental implants have success rates over 95 percent, the highest of any surgical implant!

One end of the implant is called the “fixture” and this is the part that your Columbus dentist implants in your bone and functions as the root of your tooth. In time, the bone in your jaw grows around the fixture, keeping it in place. Fixtures can be either solid or hollow, and have either a screw shape or cylinder design. They can be either full titanium, or a mixture of titanium and other metals to improve resistance to fracture and strength.

After your bone has fused to the fixture, a second part called the “abutment” is added by Dr. Myers. This abutment sits above your gums and is what will secure your crown, bridge, or denture to the implant.

The most exciting part of the implant is the restorative treatment you choose to cap the implant. Dr. Myers will discuss porcelain and metal crowns, bridges or dentures as perfect choices for you. Crowns and bridges are cemented on to the implant, and dentures (called overdentures) are snapped in place. The restorative treatment is held securely in place by the supportive implant.

When you decide on dental implants, you have decided on a truly state-of-the-art method to replace teeth, and there is no one better than Dr. Tyler Myers at North Park Family Dentistry in Columbus, GA to do your implant treatment. Dental implants can improve your smile and your life. You owe it to yourself to have the best treatment available, so call Dr. Tyler Myers today!