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By Tyler Myers, DMD
November 08, 2013
Category: Dental Procedures
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General Dentist Columbus GA Dental ImplantsYou made the decision to get dental implants, and your consulting dentist agreed that you were a good candidate. After the procedure, you feel and look great. We hope you fully enjoy your new implants and smile. Make sure to properly brush and floss your teeth; otherwise, your long-lasting implants might not be so long lasting. Here are a few bad habits that can put a damper on your smile and possibly your implants.

Dental Implants, Smoking and Chewing

It’s common knowledge that cigarettes wreak havoc on the lungs, but smoking also threatens your oral health. Smoking and chewing can stain teeth, increase chances of oral cancer and raise the risk of dental implant failure.
According to Colgate, Spanish researchers conducted a study in 2010 that recorded dental implant failure in non-smokers and smokers. Dental implant failure for non-smokers was 1.4 percent, and smokers raised it to 15.8 percent. Nicotine and other chemicals harm your teeth and gums, which decreases the chances of a dental implant being successful. Dental implant procedures have high success rates, so kick a bad habit for the safety of your dental implants.

Dental Implants and Oral Hygiene

Although dental implants are made of synthetic and durable materials, you still need to clean them like you would your natural teeth. Brush twice a day for at least two minutes, and make sure to floss. If you don’t keep your dental implants clean, plaque buildup and bacteria will hurt your surrounding teeth and gums. For proper function and bite, you must keep teeth strong and sturdy.
To learn more about dental implants in Columbus, contact North Park Family Dentistry. In Columbus, dental implants are a successful and great restorative procedure offered by Tyler Meyers and staff.